MW475 : Spending On Tackling Unlawful Immigration From France

2. Regardless of this, unlawful and overt Channel crossings in small boats are at a new high, with a report 145 folks coming during one 24-hour period on VE Day (eight Could), and hundreds having come through this unauthorised route since the start of 2020 (go to our ‘tracking station’ for common updates).

Undaunted by these threats, site ( the warning was repeated this week in a second letter, this time signed by 130,000 members of the French public. Once once more the French authorities condemned it. Elsewhere, their reception has fallen alongside predictable political strains: mainstream politicians of the Left and Right have criticised the letters, whereas Marine le Pen has been cautious to specific help for the signatories.

This is fascinating, contemplating that a majority of the French population are calling for extra, not much less, immigration controls. It seems that, to the globalists that run the Council on Foreign Relations, “democracy” is just not so much authorities in accordance with the wishes of the majority, however governmental policies which might be in keeping with globalist wishes.